Game management is not always only busy with amazing rescues and “good story” captures, it’s what goes on behind the scenes, after hours and in the workshop which keeps the unit running. If you don’t have a working truck with a working hydraulic crane you won’t be successful in 80% of the operations. Your equipment and tools need to be in immaculate condition to ensure success. This is your link between your experience in the field and the welfare of the animals you are working with, effective equipment.

This is also where most of the budget is spent in a year, and rightly so!

From Building vehicle frames to assisting with vehicle recoveries  to building rhino and antelope crates and a raft to transport trucks with containers for animal transport. There is almost nothing we cant do to ensure success in our conservation effort. The access to this type of equipment also dictates that our game management unit is called out to assist the rest of the MTPA all across the Mpumalanga province with maintenance work.

The team is naturally exposed to every type of general condition, species & situation.

The crane is mounted on our only 4X4 MAN truck and is used for anything from big to small, short to long.

The team is naturally exposed to every type of general condition, species, situation.

The team not only does specialized rescues for man -made structures and mammals bus also specialize in the safe capture and removal of reptiles in the province including the highly sensitive Black Mamba.

And then the sun sets on another day fighting the good conservation fight.


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